Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Writing Reflections - Check In 3

it's the 3rd check in for A Round Of Words In 80 Days and the last few days have been tough. I'm severely  behind with my goals so I'm going to revise them. My original daily target was 375 words I'm cutting that right down to 100 words to take the pressure off.

I originally had a POV change planned for chapter 5 but I was presented with 2 problems, one that my protagonist had reached a point in the story where she needs to spend a couple of weeks arranging day to day stuff and two that this new POV character is indirectly but integrally tied to the conflict and theory of the story. I decided to bring this 2nd characters POV forward to chapter 3 because I could then come back to protagonists story at the point she moves further into the main plot and because setting this up in chapter 5 as originally planned feels a bit late in the day.

2nd POV character is the one I'm having the most trouble with, I know her purpose but getting the how's and why's down on paper is proving tricky.

I have a second goal slated for Saturday if I don't get to it sooner and that is to start a new word file named Area's to edit and I'm going to list down the various problem areas in this file. I will then have something I can go back and work over if the writing stalls again.

I haven't actually written any fiction for a few years and I'm feeling really rusty.

Word Count Log - daily target was 375 words
Sunday: 599 (out of the needed 880)
Monday: 86
Tuesday: 92
Wednesday: 122

New daily word count goal is 100

Hope everyone else participating is doing well

If you missed my last check in you can read it here


Anonymous said...

I cut way back too and now I think I have the right ratio. :) You don't need pressure. A little progress each week will add up by the end of this year.

Anonymous said...

You averaged nearly 225 over those four days! Which is about midway between your old goal and your new one. Just saying. ;)

Have fun knocking the rust off!

C.Farrell said...

Good idea - but as long as you sit down and make an attempt at writing then you're doing well, word count isn't as important. Good luck getting into the swing of things. :)

Katy Bennett said...

Ahh, I like averages.

I target by word count because I find time too ambigious, if I say write for half hour I'll stare at the screen for half hour.

Thanks for dropping by

Andrew said...

That's why I like this challenge. Goals are flexible, which takes the stress out of doing what we love. I hope the new goal works better for you.

Katy Bennett said...

Thanks Andrew