Monday, 31 May 2010

Writing Life

My muse has been feeling restless as much of the last two weeks have been taken up with promoting the website and various blogs and moving house and generally feeling out of place. So, I have set myself the task of writing a autobiographical poem each day based on that days events or emotions or even the weather or a combination of all three. I may or may not decide to post some here on this blog.

Today's piece was a total of 5 lines and 14 words, although it's short I think I've said enough.

Has anyone else set themselves a writing project?

New Dream Journal

I'm now keeping a dream journal Dreaming Bee all posts going up over the next few days are old dreams ranging from the bizarre to sleep paralysis to dreams in dreams to nightmares. I write horror, I dream horror. I'll also be using the journal to link to relevant books and online resources.

Monday, 10 May 2010

Free Read - Poem - Ethereal Flame

Ethereal Flame

Spinning around before me
yet only a flicker of a flame
behind my mesmerised eyes.

Hypnotically, it shimmers
and dances in the pale moonlight,
an ethereal beauty.

I sway on my feet, in time
with the branches in the wind
and still this supernatural substance
holds me in its power.

I don't know how it came to be -
this off -white form. Shadows join the dance,
their black veils sliding over this maiden of light.

I blink my eyes and she is gone.
I search for her in the deepening night
until the sun's glare brings me back to reality.

Katy Bennett = Horror Poetry