Saturday, 1 January 2011

Starting 2011 with A Round Of Words In 80 Days

I stumbled upon this writing challenge via the Indie Book Collective blog and handily just as I'm getting to the writing stage of a novella. It asks you to commit to a writing project for at least 80 days setting and revising goals as necessary. I tried Nanowrimo three times without much success finding the pace too fast and inflexible but it offered that much needed motivation.

The A Round Of Words In 80 Days approach feels more workable to me. The fun begins on the 3rd of January and sign ups are here.

My Goal is to write the 1st draft of Shroud Of Death in 80 days. I'm loosely aiming for an overall word count of 30000 words which gives me a daily word count of 375 and a weekly word count of 2625. I think this will allow me to keep productive without becoming bogged down and still allowing time in my day to keep up with my current poetry studies and producing Dark Metre.

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