Sunday, 16 January 2011

A Round Of Words - Check-in 4

I came to a bit of a screeching halt with Shroud Of Death after my last check in. My energy levels seem ridiculously low and I'm sure I had more time to do stuff like this when I was living on my own.

After making a token attempt at writing on Thursday I walked away from it until Saturday. I came back to Shroud realising what was bugging me about chapter 3: The relationship between the two characters in this scene, they shouldn't be in love. I demoted Walter to long term companion and "protector." I also remembered a background element that runs through the story which I haven't been able to weave in because my location details are sketchy so I pulled open the Areas to edit file and made the relevant notes.

I'm moving forward again although I expect that after this check in Shroud Of Death may need to take a back seat while I crack on with my poetry studies.

Daily Word Count Goal: 100
Thursday: 11
Friday: 0
Saturday: 165
Sunday: 118

2nd goal set on my last check in:
Start Area's To Edit File: Done

Thanks to the ROW80 guys for their encouragement.

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C.Farrell said...

I was having trouble with mine then I realised I was heading in a completely wrong direction with the relationships between some of the characters and since I figured it out, it's been much easier so I hope it works the same for you. Well done for not giving up completely, it's hard to be motivated when it doesn't feel "right."

Anonymous said...

Looks like you're back on track! Best of luck for week 3!

Anonymous said...

You're doing good, even if you had what felt like a week with little to show. It seems for me that when I continue on, I grow stronger.

CathrynLouis said...

Odd how something that feels like a 'block' actually means it's time to think about the story. You figured out the change in direction you needed and cleared your path to forge ahead. Great!

alberta ross said...

well done - to keep going is sometimes so hard - and better to find a flaw now then in a few months time

Cricket said...

It's awesome that you can recognize the relationship needed to change - sometimes I get "married" to my ideas, and I have to remember to be more of luck in the week ahead!

MamaElk said...

Good luck with Shroud! You have figured out the problem, so you should be able fix the holes now. If you want the married bit, you can always bring in a new character for her later, towards the end maybe, especially if the focus in on her and Walter.