Sunday, 14 August 2011

ROW80 - Round 3 - Check in 6

Goal: To complete prep work for the 2nd draft of a novel.

Wow, another Sunday already. I got back from Newcastle late Thursday. I even managed to do a 10 min freewrite on the train down, which felt really uncomfortable as I had people sitting in close proximity to me so I think I'll stick to writing at my desk from now on. Does anyone else write in unusual places?

I've filled in spreadsheet data up to chapter 16 now and only have 7 more chapters to go to complete stage 1. I'm noticing as I'm moving through the middle part of the story I'm getting more missing data for "days" and "time" so next stage will be to print it out and go over the timeline with a fine tooth comb.

After working on Shroud on Saturday morning, I then flaffed about with the blog all afternoon. I've tightened up on my post labels, started my new feature "My Top 5" where I'll be sharing some of my favourite things in  a catergory. My first few will concern books.

I also decided to test my basic photoshop skills and add a banner to the blog, 20 attempts later it still doesn't fit the space provided but I'll sort that out later today. I think I need to lose 20 pixels of the width. What's wrong with centimetre's?

I've managed to get some poetry reading done and should have a review of The Rhysling Anthology up in the next few days.

I failed on my exercise goal and decided to get back to studying on Saturday which went out the window after I got sidetracked with the blog changes.

As of this week, I'm going to use Wednesday to write new poetry and want to try and read at least one article a week from my writing magazines.

I'm also itching to start a new project. I have no idea what or I may spend a couple of days on my novella.

How's your week been?


Nadja Notariani said...

Isn't it amazing how we seem to enter a 'time-warp' when attempting to do something new with our blog page? Ha! I'm trying my hand at making a book trailer.....well, I just began tonight. I seem to have misplaced a few hours in my 'tinkering'.

Glad to hear your writing is moving along so well. Best of luck with the new project. ~ Nadja

Katy Bennett said...

Oh Nadja, I'm singing "lets do the time warp, yeah" now. I know it's sometimes the simplest of things that eat the most time. Good luck with the book trailer.

Anonymous said...

Somehow I bet the time warp is a crowded space :)

Great job on your goals, Katy! It looks like your process is starting to pay off. Keep it up.

Anonymous said...

LOL. I think we've all spent time in the blog time warp. You're doing great. Keep it up.

Jaleh D said...

I have the same problem when I'm working on my blog too.

Sounds like your goals are coming along well. Great work!

Anonymous said...

Ah, "let's do the time warp, again!" I think of all the tech-y parts of blogging as a huge black hole, pulling time, energy and thought into it, never to get go.

It sounds like you are doing great on goals, and I love the picture that you've put on the blog banner!


alberta ross said...

you seem to be on top of things there - I once tried writing on train had assigment for my Masters and had to visit elderly aunt in Birmingham - loads of time between Birmingham and Kent (where I lived at time) but it was very uncomfortable having people all around - all the best for this coming week

Katy Bennett said...

Thanks all for dropping in and the encouragement.