Saturday, 14 May 2011

Writing resource - Why I Love A Good Freewrite

What Is Freewriting?

Freewriting is allowing yourself to write freely for a set period of time.

What do I need?

I generally use my word processor but the good old fashioned notebook and pen is just as effective.

How Do I Freewrite?

  • I usually go for a minimum of ten minutes
  • I usually start with the first word that pops into my head
  • I keep writing even if I'm stuck repeating the same phrase or writing absolute nonsense. My own freewrites tend to bleed from one random thought or idea into another.
  • I Ignore spelling and grammar mistakes.
  • I just write

When do I find freewriting useful?

If I'm stuck doing the research and prep work for a new novella and I'm resisting starting the first draft too soon, I find I'm itching to write so I use freewriting as a way to write without jeopardising my current project.

I also find freewriting a good source for discovering new story seeds or images that can be weaved into a poem.

The other bonus to freewriting is it has produced answers to big questions or solutions to huge annoyances in my private life.

What happens next?

  • I add the date, time and duration to the document. It's not really necessary but I like adding this info to all my writing.
  • I correct the spelling mistakes, I hate those squiggly red lines.
  • I use my word processor's highlighter function to highlight any phrases or images I think could be developed into a story or poem and sometimes I've been given a sneak preview of a potential character.

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