Wednesday, 10 August 2011

ROw80 - Round 3 - Check in 5

Goal: To complete prep work for 2nd draft of a novel

After checking in on Sunday I added spreadsheet data for chapters 5 & 6. I checked over the 4th section of my course. The next assignment seems more about rewriting existing poems than writing new ones so I'm going to schedule in one night a week for writing new poems so I'm still producing fresh work. I did my 5 minutes of pranayama and finished reading and reviewed The Invisible Man by H G Wells.

On Monday, my mind being full of the recent mindless events meant all my goals went out the window but I'm more focused on writing now as it's time to start moving towards getting out of this city once and for all.

Tuesday was a low production day due to only getting two hours of sleep on the Monday night but I began adding data for Chapter 7.

I'm off on a business trip for a few days so I'm planning on reading poetry if I get the chance.

Stay save everyone.


Anonymous said...

Nicely done on your goals especially considering the happenings around you in London currently. Be safe!

Gerhi Janse van Vuuren said...

Some masterpieces were written in jail, in concentration camps, in sanatoriums. I have no idea how but they were.

Keep your mind at your writing and remember, this too shall pass.

Anonymous said...

Whenever anyone mentions spreadsheets and planning in regards to a book, I have to be impressed. Best of luck! Sometimes, for all the stress it might cause us, writing can still be a great way to get rid of the stress of other (less important?) things.

Marie Andrews said...

I agree - using spreadsheets is impressive - I've never gotten quite that organized :) It sounds like despite everything going on that you are still moving forward, even if it's small steps.

Anonymous said...

Katy, good on you for getting anything done, considering the circumstances! Try to remember that baby steps count, too; your organizational skills are impressive, and will pay dividends very soon.

Stay safe!

Robin McCormack said...

So organized with the spreadsheets and all. I could learn a thing or two about that. Considering what's been happening there, probably hard to concentrate. Enjoy your poetry while off on your trip.