Wednesday, 16 March 2011

A Round Of Words - Check-in 20

Going to keep it short as I've pretty much done bugger all since Friday. I'm still trying to coax my what sometimes feels like a 60 year old woman's brain into its new routine and generally feeling run down this week. All in all March has been pretty poor where productivity's concerned. Maybe I lost my motivation somewhere between the changing seasons or the muse forgot to tell me she was off to somewhere exotic to gather more material.

I did finally back my system up so I'm going to call that productive.

Hope everyones well.


Anonymous said...

It sounds like you and I have had a similar few days, if you exchange a sixty year old womean's brain for an eighty year old man's brain. But, you expressed it so much more entertainingly! Your muse will be back, I know!

Katy Bennett said...

Thanks, really I just need to open pages to get going again but it's Thursday now and Thursday is my do nothing night.

Arion said...

Hello Katy, love your blog, not only is it entertaining but also quite original.

I'm more of a prose writer than verse, but I still love reading poetry.

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