Sunday, 20 March 2011

Copyright Infringement On A Sunday Morning

The first thing I discovered when I logged onto twitter this morning is that someone had taken it upon themselves to post my poem Forgotten Victim to their blog in its entirety without my permission.

I've left a comment asking for it to be removed. I no longer submit my work to non-paying markets and I am not actively submitting my work at the moment. Certain words in the poem are also linking to 3rd party advertisers and this use of my work would certainly not constitute fair use.

The offending website is here and I would urge everyone to check that their work is also not being posted without their permission and for a fellow writer to be so slap dash with another authors work is just unbelievable and unprofessional.

You can only use 10% of an authors work before permission is needed. I respect an authors work which is why I also pay contributors to Dark Metre and offer a contract.

I've taken all necessary screen shots in case I need to take this matter further which I am prepared to do.

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