Sunday, 6 March 2011

A Round Of Words - Check-in 17

I'm loathe to drop out of ROW80 but working on a novella and studying in my spare time is not letting me really focus on what I need to be doing. I fell of the wagon this last week after trying to switch back over to studying. Got stumped on the assignment and missed my deadline.

There are huge amounts of reading, analysing and rewriting to do for my course and with Shroud in the way I can't devote my energies. So I'm switching back over to studying and only studying, I just hope Shroud will survive the desertion.

Guidelines are that I should be putting in at least 8 hours a week for my studying and this time allotment doubles for the higher level modules.

I'm going to clear the current module out the way which will take around 4 months and hopefully finish Shroud before starting the next module which covers poetic forms in more detail.

Hope everyones doing well


Sharon Gerlach said...

Oh, don't drop out! Just revise your goal to "I will accomplish what I can work in." We're almost done with this ROW80 segment. School really does take a lot of time & mental energy, doesn't it?

alberta ross said...

stay and chat if nothing else - take a break from studying - it does take up time and needs your attention for sure - your book will survive time away - but you could say hi to us all - would be nice - maybe make plans for the plot or devlop characters in note form - small peices - anyway you know what you can do - if you do go say good bye wont you - dont just fade

CathrynLouis said...

I agree! Is there a way that studying can be part of your goals? Many of us have revised goals from what we started with.

If you can stay, it'll be great - but you know what's best for you.

C.Farrell said...

Stick around Katy, we're so close to the end! You can easily just use your studies as your goals, I mean, it still fits. You and Rebecca are both in similar situations so you could just bump each other up if the blogging part was taking too much of your time. :)

Anonymous said...

I certainly hope you will find a away stay with ROW80, though I certainly understand having to adjust priorities. Regardless, I look forward to following your creative endeavors!

Rebecca J Fleming said...

hehe I've had to almost completely scrap my writing goals and shift them to academic goals instead. I'll just be aiming to get enough of my story done to use in my eBook prototype for my thesis, as well as slogging through the various horrid assignments Monash are sending my way :( Perhaps you could try just allocating an hour a week to just go over the story and add any new notes or brief scenes eg you come up with?

Anonymous said...

You're on my RoW80 Twitter list so you're not going anywhere (for me, at least)! ;)

My advice, if you're setting Shroud aside for a while, leave yourself good notes. I project hop quite a bit and I'm *never* satisfied with the notes I have.

I'm an "education first" kind of person. Your writing will be there when you need it, but getting the most out of your academics can be a fleeting proposition. Value it while you're in it.