Monday, 7 March 2011

New Game plan

Ok switching back to full time study mode before I get any more bogged down and to incorporate those essential extra curriculum activities that will test and improve my learning.

This will take me up to Sunday when I'll plan for the following week. I am also extremely reluctant to leave Shroud sitting at the halfway mark, I hate the in progress folder on my hard drive. I'll be studying five days a week, working on Shroud one day a week and give myself one night off.

I'll replace my current To Do page over the weekend.

Day by Day activities:

Tuesday - Evaluate last two poems written for assignment
Read and critique one poem from staying alive
write and evaluate poem for assignment
Thursday - night off but will probably do some general reading
Friday - Work on new prologue for Shroud to fix boo-boo
Saturday - Last poem to write and evaluate for assignment. Submit assignment
Sunday - rewrite sound incorporating feed back and title
Evaluate rewritten version of sound
Read and evaluate one poem from staying alive
Begin section 3 coursework
Plan following weeks activities
Listen to poetry please

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