Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Last ROW80 check in and bonus poem

Seeing as I've spent most of the day thinking it's Thursday anyway and awhile ago I designated Thursday night as my do nothing night I'm doing the last check in tonight.

Thinking back over row80 as always when I first start something I got off to a pretty good start even though the word count was low and I was reacquainting myself with writing fiction again and was starting from 1st base despite the years I'd written short fiction for.

Things started to go wrong when I started changing my goals, each new attempt kept me going for a few days then I'd hit a bump that would flip me high in the air and drop me back but way off course.

I'm still bemused by March being so unproductive, there are two months in the year where I expect that I won't get anything done and they are generally February and November.

Learning wise, I've kept going in a roundabout manner. I've lost that fear of putting work aside and knowing that I'll never come back to. I can come back to it and the words will always be there. I'm losing that fear of never being able to finish something I've started and a ton of other stuff I can't think of right now.

Over the last couple of days I finished Assignment 2 and finished the replacement prologue for Shroud Of Death.

I'm going to say goodbye and special thanks to all the row80 writers for the community.


The photographer studied the graffiti
through his viewfinder, he paced back and forth
left and right until the alignment was just right.
He peered over the top of the camera getting one last look
at the word painted on the red brick wall.

He assumed from the crudeness that a child
had stood on tips toes outlining the word
with a brush dipped in black paint, then coloured
in the H O P and E white. The child had then painted
a thick purple border around its masterpiece.

Hope one word that says it all
in a rundown part of London
where children play in the streets
in filthy trainers and clothes too big
for their small frames hemmed in
by council estates and rubbish bags
piled on street corners.

One word Hope is all the photographer
needs as he takes the shot.


Andrew said...

We all had our ups and downs this round. I think it was as much a learning experience of our abilities as a way to get writing done. I'll bet the next round goes even better.

Katy Bennett said...

It was deifinetly a learning experience, writing feels comfortable again. I'll be blogging over the next couple of days just to clarify the changes I'll be making.

C.Farrell said...

Katy, I thought you did really well - I mean, you had so much academic stuff to get through and getting back into writing can be really hard sometimes. You're finding your own path and that's really important. Congrats on staying until the end!

It's so good you felt like you learned something. Part of me thinks the bigger picture lessons were way more important than word counts and short-term goals. I hoped it helped and that we'll still be hearing from you next round. :)

alberta ross said...

It seems most of us learnt a lot this round and not just about writing - its been tremendous and great to hear one is not alone with all the angst and anxiety that walks alongside us sometimes - well done - see you in April and keep smiling

Anonymous said...

I like your poem. Thanks for sharing.

A "do nothing" day. I like that too. I just might have to schedule one of those every week. My husband would love it (he's always trying to pull me away from the computer, and this would be a compromise). Thanks for the idea!

Congratulations on losing your fear, and finishing your assignment and your replacement!

Anonymous said...

That's an interesting perspective--to have lost the fear that taking a break = abandonment. That kind of confidence / positive outlook is incredibly valuable. Cherish it and it'll take you far.

Katy Bennett said...

Thanks Claire the big picture is important its what put all the little stuff in perspective. See you in round 2.

Thanks Alberta, you keep smiling as well.

CMstewart everyone needs a do nothing day, it stops burn out and lets the writing dust settle.

Thanks Clairegillian.

CathrynLouis said...

Nice poem and thank you for sharing it with us.

I agree with Claire that you're coming away with a great perspective. The words are always there and will welcome us back.

Katy Bennett said...

Thank you cathrynlouis, I forget that sometimes.