Wednesday, 10 October 2012

ROW80 - Check in

Well, I don't have much to report. Something I was supposed to do today had to be done yesterday so I still haven't joined that crit group. Plus I was knackered on Tuesday night as I'd just come down with a cold and it was easier and less mentally challenging to flip through my knitting books and decide on all my hobbyist projects.

I'm still ironing out my goals, I think I'm going to make my studying goals time based. An hour and half from 8pm on week nights except Monday nights. With Friday night being my night off. I can't really base them on actual things to be done as each part is broken down into projects and exercises and some will take me twenty minutes to do and others could take me hours to do. But I want my degree before I hit 40.

At least 6 hours studying on weekends unless I'm out at an art/photography exhibition. Although this weekend is going to be hit and miss as I completely forgot we have friends staying.

I'm designating Monday nights my night for poetry activities so the first thing to do here is sub some poems out and decide whether I make time to write new poems or work with one of my reference books for a refresher course in the mechanics of poetry.


Anonymous said...

Do you have a few crit groups that you're looking at? Or is that something you've got to figure out? Good luck getting your goals together. I hope you find something that fits and lets you finish your degree ;)

Katy Bennett said...

There's an email based one I'm going to try. But lots of faqs on how to format and set up your email programme to receive and send subs and to send and receive crits. So need to read through it all before I join.

Anonymous said...

I wish you lots of luck with the critique group. It sounds a bunch of hoops to go through, but it probably means everyone takes it seriously.

It's tough to be in school as well as everything else, but I am sure you'll get there before you are forty!

Elizabeth Anne Mitchell

Katy Bennett said...

thanks Elizabeth, there is a minimum participation requirement which ensures everyone is active and it's the best way to run these things, really.