Sunday, 21 October 2012

ROW80 - Check in 4

Heehee, I'm starting to get somewhere. A quick flick through the current part of my course tells me I should be completing part 3 in around 3 weeks. At which point I'll sign up for an online course on English Literature as I honestly don't think my analytic skills and engagement with reading are high enough to tackle level 2 of my degree or at least not to a point to get decent grades. Also, as I need to choose my own subject at level 3 it might give me a better idea for my research paper  .

Goal: 1.5 hours studying on Thursday night.

Achievement: zilch on studying, I was a bit brain dead that night, my energy levels seem to be bouncing up and down all over the place this week. Although, I did send a critique through my poetry group and my poetry muse is starting to feel half starved to death due to lack of poeming. Which is a good sign, in a way.

Goal: Friday night off

Achievement: I met this one somewhat guiltily after skipping things on Thursday.

Goal: 3 hours of Studying on Saturday

Achievement: Around 2 - 2.5 hours studying. I created a new character to play with, typed up more notes, journalled and read a chapter of Muriel Sparks Loitering With Intent which I'm in two minds about. Also updated the learning log. Felt good to actually write something. So why so much difficulty staying on track?

Today's goals won't be met as I'm heading off to a suitably dark art exhibition. Perhaps study for an hour later depending on what time I get back and whether or not family are still visiting when I do get back.

Have fun.


Anonymous said...

Getting there indeed. Glad to hear you managed to write something too. Enjoy the art exhibition. :)

Gene Lempp said...

I'd say you are doing fine, Katy. I wouldn't feel guilty about a "night off," after all, we are allowed to enjoy our lives. Have a fantastic coming week :)

Katy Bennett said...

Thanks Ryan, the art exhibition was good.

Thanks Gene, have a fantastic week as well