Sunday, 28 October 2012

ROW80 - Check in 5

I neglected to check in on Wednesday, made a little progress since then:

began first drafting a new poem and made some editing notes after it needed to change direction slightly. Even worked out how and why I would want to use the "comments" function in my word processor.

Sent another crit to my poetry group although I need to get this up to 2 a week but as a newbie I'm still in my grace period. It's forcing me to actively think about what I read which is a good thing, it's easy to get passive rather than active. And I'm discovering new poetic forms as well. The simpler ones I may try myself. I still shy away from attempting to write in syllabic metre or using a heavy rhyme scheme as it feels restrictive.

Studying hasn't come along as much as I would have liked, typed up some more notes and read another chapter of my recommended reading. I did sign up for the study day my college are holding at Cambridge which is later next month. That should prove inspiring.

Still fighting a lack of energy which I'm putting down to the recent greyness and have realised I need to get exercise back on to my goals as yoga counteracted winter last year.

Hope everyone is well


Kat Morrisey said...

Your post reminded me that it's been way too long since I've been consistent with it; I might have to add that as a goal next week! :) Yoga is great for keeping me focused and getting my energy up. Congrats on your progress and good luck this week!

Anonymous said...

So how's the crit group working out for you? At least the poetry is flowing for you. A lack of energy isn't the best, especially when you're trying to be creative. Hopefully you can find a way, be it exercise or something else, to get you re-energized. Have a good week :)

Anonymous said...

Well done on submitting the poem.
I know what you mean about energy. I'm having to really force myself to write.
Have a good week. x

Katy Bennett said...

Thank you everyone. Laura, I'm already waiting for summer.

Ryan, crit groups working well, still getting my feet wet with it.

alberta ross said...

scary some of those mosre complicated poem forms:9 exercise may well energise but if your'e waiting for next summer don't hold your breath it may be like this past one:)

Creations by Laurel-Rain Snow said...

It has been way too long since I exercised regularly...what is that gym membership doing for me?

Hope you have a great week...looks like you accomplished a lot.