Tuesday, 15 November 2011

My Top 5 Favourite iPad apps - Part 1

I'm addicted to my iPad, not only does it double up as my laptop when I'm away from home, it's my portable library, poetry organiser and yoga coach. This is a 2 part post listing my personal 10 best apps.

1) Story Tracker - Acts as a database keeping records of all my written stories and poetry from word counts, markets, submissions made to rejections and acceptances. I'm patiently waiting for the desktop version to become available.

2) Toodledo - My task manager tracking to-do's across multiple projects. I love it. See my post on using a task manager here.

3)Ibooks - Although the ebooks in the store are pricy, there are free books and samples to download and allows for sorting into lists unlike the kindle app. I have lists for complete books, pdfs, samples and wishlist. I like the interface. Download it free from the app store.

4) Docs to go - I can produce word compatible files on the go and either sync to the desktop or email back to myself. Handy to be able to work on my fiction or poetry when I'm away from home.

5) Twitter - I actually prefer the twitter app to the browser, easier to add hashtags and followers handles to your tweets. Again, I can keep in touch when I'm away from home.

Some are free apps, some are paid apps. I'd suggest trialing free alternatives and demo's until you get a feel for how much use you will get from an app. It may sound good but there may be bugs or short falls that render it useless.

What apps or software are on your must have list?

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Angela Orlowski-Peart said...

I have to check these out! I just got my iPhone and needed recommendations for some cool apps. So this is just in time thing! Thank you for sharing :-)

Anonymous said...

I no longer have my iPod touch, but I'm interested in getting an iPad. Thanks for these recommendations. I'll take anything to make tasks easier (and more portable).

Katy Bennett said...

You're both welcome. Thanks for swinging by.

Anonymous said...

I adore MyWritingSpot. I have it on my iPhone and iPad and it allows me to work/sync the same documents across my devices. There's also a webpage version where I can access the same docs via my computer.

Katy Bennett said...

Thanks Ryan, that sounds like a good one.