Wednesday, 12 October 2011

ROW80 - Round 4 - Check in 3

After doing well over the weekend, I've hit the mid week slump. I can't quite get back into the reading habit. I've decided that if I'm going to do nothing else in an evening I'll at least fill in part of my novel's timeline into the spreadsheet. I've now added chapter 7, so far the timeline appears pretty stable but I'm inching towards the messy middle part of the story so we'll see.

Yoga's going well, I can actually follow my routine from memory now without having to look at the reference materials between each posture. I'm hoping to gradually start increasing my weekend sessions up to an hour.

On Saturday, I'm not expecting to get much goalage done as I'm attending a one day poetry reading workshop south of the river, should be fun and inspiring and with the invention of google maps I shouldn't actually get lost.

How's everyone else doing?


Anonymous said...

Though you feel you've hit a slump, you are still moving forward, it seems. The poetry and yoga will rejuvenate you and will spill over into your writing. Keep up the good work!

TMcCusker said...
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TMcCusker said...

(Sorry for the deleted comment above--I wish they would give us some way to edit for mistakes xD).

A poetry event! That sounds delightful! As far as creative goals go, attending creative events should count as a goal in and of themselves. I've sadly fallen into a routine (and frankly, also a money pit problem) where I can't get out of the house to go to creative events. Parking is a hazard in this city--and expensive, so expensive.

I was sorry to read about your internet connection woes. I'd like to kick your provider in the ass for you. Is it really seasonal for the connection to go out like that? Because if it did, I'd have to agree that's really a second-rate service!

I saw from your comment on my blog that you are aiming to write a poem per week. I hope that is going well! I was also wondering what kind of poems you were/are planning to write. I was trying to go the way of longer, multi-part poems -- but that particular muse doesn't seem to be visiting me.

But most of all: good luck. :D

Nadja Notariani said...

Good to hear that you are hitting your yoga goal. I've been walking three-and-a-half miles each morning (Mon-Fri) - at least when it's not raining harder than a sprinkle. I feel so great when I get myself moving in the morning. If you keep that up, the rest will fall into place (I think...ha!)

Julie Jordan Scott said...

A poetry reading workshop sounds awesome. I would LOVE that! And hooray on the yoga. Makes me feel peaceful just thinking about it.

Do you ever write after a yoga session?

Looking forward to reading more of you via ROW80!

Anonymous said...

You're fine Katy. Just keep movinf forward. That's the main thing. Have fun with the poetry outing. That sounds like fun. ROCK THE ROW!!! ~clink~

Anonymous said...

Hope you get past the slump soon, Katy, and the rest of your week is great!

Katy Bennett said...

Dianamurdock, thank you

TMcCusker, I can only do events on weekends, day job and public transport limit my freedom. Most of the poetry I'm working on lately has been based on course guidelines, some of it's horror, quite a few sea poems, portraits. I find I like simpler poems that are about the individual, still getting my head around it all really.

Nadja and Julie, I'm certainly feeling lighter and more alive in the mornings. My yoga sessions are squeezed between getting home from work and having dinner. Once I'm back to raw creative work it'll be interesting to see what effect it has.

Yay Kerry, clink-clink you managed to comment

Thank you Ruth

Wendy Jane said...

Yeah, the middle of the week kind of drags sometimes. Sounds like you are doing well, though. Congrats on the progressing spreadsheet and the yoga. The poetry reading sounds awesome. Have fun!