Wednesday, 4 May 2011

ROW80 - Check in 6

My Goal : To continue prep work for two novellas in progress.

After committing myself to 'Clown" I became wooed by "Bridge" and am currently going through the research and character sheet stage for both projects.

  • Protagonist sheets for both projects are half done. 
  • Locations for both stories have been decided on.
  • Began location research for Bridge
  • Wrote about 444 words on the 1st chapter of Bridge
  • Scribbled scenes for both projects on index cards
  • Both Bridge and Clown have been designated a display book and allocated a folder on the macs desktop.
Also apologies to the rest of the ROW80ers as I'm finding it increasingly more difficult to keep up with everyone's check ins and to carve some saneness back into my available time I may become socially inactive until nearer the end of round 2.


Anonymous said...

Don't be sorry! I'm sure that most ROWers would agree that it's much more important that you make progress. Community's not going anywhere. :) Having said that, good job this week!

Claire said...

(Sorry for deleting my first comment; I made a couple of typos, and they were driving me nuts!)

Great job on your goals, Katy! Any plans for a post about your character sheets? I love that part of story planning and love hearing about people's methods. Also, don't feel guilty about check-ins! ROW80 is about progress and creating good habits first, and community second. We're all here for you, cheering you on! :D Happy writing!

Katy Bennett said...

Thanks Rainingink, hope your goals are going well

Claire, I'll see about posting the character sheets but I've still got a long way to go before I feel experienced enough to pass on writing advice.

Andrew said...

Yes, tackle your goals. Chat later. We'll be here. Oh, and nice job!