Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Row80 - Check in 8

My Goal: To continue prep work for two novellas in progress.

Big fail on the goal front, kind of ground to a halt. Although I had a bit of a revelation with my novella Shroud yesterday, it needs to be a novel. The premise is too big for a novella and the horror isn't in there enough. I think I tried to compress the story too much rather than letting it be.

I've been thinking how to best bring the story up to where it needs to be and one possibility is to explore a couple of my minor characters or use two parallel time lines seeing as one viewpoint character was around with the antagonist way back when.

I'm completely overwhelmed now with the structural problems and a novel is a whole different ball game so I would only be happy pursuing the traditional publishing route....

.... and if Shroud needs to be a novel, my second wip Clown needs to be a novel.

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