Wednesday, 27 April 2011

ROW80 - Check in 5

My goal: To continue planning The Clown Inside in conjunction with The Nighttime Novelist on Tuesday nights.

Did I do it? I didn't actually open The Nighttime Novelist but I decided to decide on the story's location, after doing some browsing I still haven't decided on a location. I don't want a city nor a big town, nor a small village (that's penciled in for the next novella). I tried to narrow it down by county but none of them felt right or perhaps I'm leaning towards going to the north of England with this one.

I also did some research into my characters occupation, the routine involved, the lifestyle and have bookmarked a few websites that sounded current and useful for making notes. My research prodding also raised further questions that need to be answered and a few different story paths have been unearthed.

Decisions. Decisions. Meanwhile visit the other challenge participants

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Anonymous said...

I think 'Clown Inside' is a great title. So many connotations to it, and it sounds like you're making great progress exploring it. In my view, writing beats book learning, so progress all the way around!

Anonymous said...

I think you are doing great. Getting to know your character and location helps with that pesky plotting later on!

Good Job!

C.Farrell said...

The location is the one thing that takes me the longest to the decide. I always end up merging a couple of locations to create the perfect one, lol.

The little details can change the big ones so you're right to get some of them out of the way now.

Katy Bennett said...

Thank you, Ben :D

Shellie, I do the bare minimum of plotting and even then I deviate.

Claire, normally I know my locations going in but this one has me stumped.

Kate said...

Research is the hardest part for me. It's why I haven't gotten past the first chapter of The Doorman's Collection. Someday.

Congrats on getting all of that done for your book, though.

cleemckenzie said...

I'm so glad I jumped on board ROW80. Now I actually have a goal and others know I have a goal and maybe I'll actually get where I'm headed.

Good luck! Sounds like you're on track.