Wednesday, 2 February 2011

A Round Of Words - Check-in 9

Wow, February already. One month down and congratulations to everyone for still going.

In recent days I've come to the conclusion that 100 words a day isn't enough productivity and I'd be a lot happier and gelling more with the story if I could hit 500 a day. After realising I needed to change gears after my last check in with regards to my studies they went out the window. I also remembered I have a ton of course work stuff to do before I can get to the stage of writing the poems and Shroud is proving stubborn and won't be put down.

The days are getting brighter and I seem to have more time on my hands so I am now going to be studying daily and working on Shroud daily (well, nightly actually.) One day I might get to a happy point where I'm not switching and changing my mind so much but that's just me.

After tomorrow I will have 4 whole days to play some serious catch up on my course and Shroud. I also sat down and wrote out the following To Do list and seeing all those tasks means no more slacking for at least a month.

Daily To Do’s
In order of importance
  1. Analyse/address feedback on 1st Assignment (Update - Half done 2 sections to address.)
  2. Continue writing Shroud of Death min 100 words a day
  3. Read more from Staying Alive and analyse poems read
  4. Finish reading Heart of Darkness and review
General To Do’s 
To be done as and when
1)Write 10 poems for a publication
2) rewrite 10 poems for a publication
3) Submit 10 poems to a publication when ready
4)Finish planning of TCI in conjunction with The Nighttime novelist
5) Begin research for TCI
6) Begin Character sheets for TCI
Study To Do’s
To replace daily to do’s as they are completed
  1. Finish section 1 exercises
  2. Rewrite 1st assignment in response to tutor feedback and evaluate
  3. Finish section 2 exercises
  4. Write 10 poems for Assignment 2 and evaluate
  5. Rewrite a selection from the 10 poems and evaluate
  6. Submit assignment 2 by 27th Feb
I feel slightly relieved that 365and me's list is/was longer than mine and I don't have kids to worry about. I may delete the general to do's or I may keep them for reference in case I do find a moment where I can work on them. I may do a round up of January type post tomorrow.

I've also noticed that if I keep reading I keep writing so lunch breaks are designated my reading period.
I've added 591 words to Shroud since my last check in.

Anyway, onwards and onwards.


Robin McCormack said...

Sounds like you are making progress and like the list. 365's list is just daunting :) Look forward to hearing what you think of Heart of Darkness. I read for a lit class and it was slow going. Good luck with your studies.

C.Farrell said...

I'm feeling chirpier now the days are getting longer. It's quite sunny today, maybe I'll write something a little less depressing. :D

I'm changing my goals and ideas a lot too, don't worry about it. It'll settle down when it feels right - some of us just can't work to a constant plan. Best of luck this month!

Katy Bennett said...

Robin, thanks, I'm finding Heart Of Darkness slow as well

Claire, I actually managed to stand in a sunny bit for 5 minutes. I know what you mean I keep threatening to write about fluffy bunnies.