Wednesday, 16 February 2011

A Round Of Words - Check-in 13

It's check in 13. My lucky number. After burning out on Sunday night, I figured that between writing, studying and the day job I'm working a 7 day week. So I've eased off my schedule temporarily. I gave myself Tuesday night off and did absolutely nothing.

The current plan is to work on Shroud weekday evenings until Saturday, switch over to studying during the weekend and hopefully finish the section 2 exercises so I've got next week to tackle the poetry I need for the assignment. I've still got some rewrites to do from the previous assignment but I'll tackle the remainder of those once assignment 2 is out of the way. I'm not expecting to be working on Shroud next week.

Once the 1st draft of Shroud is complete, I may change to studying full time and get through the planning stages of my other novella ideas until I finish my course and then rewrite Shroud when my schedule's not so intensive.

Shroud itself currently stands at 7500 words and I'm nearing the middle. I expect that I'll be climaxing and wrapping up at 15000. My target was 30k but I'm not too concerned about the short fall as it's severely underwritten, lots of fleshing out and developing to be done. Thanks to everyone at row80 for getting me this far.

Daily word count goal : 100 -500
Sunday: 885
Mon: 406
Tues: 0 I took time out

Completed to do items since last check in:

• Do exercise 5 13/2/11
Study The Art Of Poetry every day done for 13/2/11
Write between 100 - 500 words a day on Shroud Of Death 13/2/11
Write between 100 - 500 words a day on Shroud Of Death 14/2/11
Read a section of the book I'm currently reading 14/2/11
Read a section of the book I'm currently reading 15/2/11

Read a section of the book I'm currently reading 16/2/11

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C.Farrell said...

Sounds like a plan! You're doing really well, I hope you know that. I could never write and study at the same time, I just don't have the head for it.

Katy Bennett said...

Thanks, I'm finding I just haven't got the energy to keep both writing and studying up daily.

Anonymous said...

Glad I am not the only one who thinks the number 13 is lucky. :)

You have a packed schedule, so I understand having to change things if necessary. You know my motto. Do what you need to do. It's all good! (Okay, the last part I'm working on

Rebecca J Fleming said...

Sometimes you just need to say to yourself, "Right, I am not doing anything productive today" or your brain burns out. I have no idea how I'll go with writing once I'm back at uni, but I have sneakily managed to incorporate my novella into the practical component of my thesis, so hopefully it'll give me the incentive to get more of it done. Good luck with all the assignments ;)