Sunday, 13 February 2011

A Round Of Words - Check-in 12

Keep rolling towards the check in everyone. My progress is baby steps at the moment. Last week went from bad to worse after my commute time hit the 2 hour mark (should be around 50mins) one way. I wasn't happy. TCI is complaining that Shrouds getting all the attention, I can't remember the last time I looked at that wip.

Studying is still fits and starts, reading poetry aloud with a power saw for background music isn't happening although I'm finally tackling the rewrites from assignment 1. Got about 4 left to go and wasn't as painful as I thought.

Completed items since last check in:

Read a section of the book I'm currently reading done for 10/2/11
Read a section of the book I'm currently reading done for 11/2/11
Write between 100 - 500 words a day on Shroud Of Death 11/2/11
Study The Art Of Poetry every day done for 12/2/11

• Rewrite Sight incorporating feedback and title 12/2/11
• Evaluate rewritten version of Sight 12/2/11

Daily word count on Shroud since last check in:
Wed: 0
Thu: 0
Fri: 131
Sat: 140

Linky's down at the moment, will update this post when it's available again.

Also I need to read some more novella's  and travelogues/diaries so feel free to leave recommendations in the comments. Thanks all.


Andrew said...

Baby steps are steps none the less. Any of us still chugging along at this point deserve a pat on the back for a job well done. *pat, pat pat*

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry your week isn't going the way you want but doing something is still way better then nothing. :-)

CathrynLouis said...

You're still moving forward and that's a good thing. Being able to write when life gets in the way is an accomplishment. Sending good vibes for this week!