Sunday, 21 November 2010

PAD - End Of Week 3 Reflections

Ok despite all the odds I have completed week 3. Too tired after a week of nightmare commutes and a total lack of sleep to feel proud.

A lot of my first drafts work like a free write I don't know where I'm going until I get started. This weeks poems have lacked any feeling of inspiration and my memory has refused to be dug for morsels I can twist and shape into a poem. But at least I can write without those factors coming into play.

As for a theme for the chapbook I've been straddling a kind of love and sea theme which is representative of the direction my life's working towards. Mmm, maybe not the love bit so much.

It's onwards to week 4, and luckily I have 4 whole days off work in which to write.

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