Friday, 12 November 2010

PAD - Day 11 - Nobody Wants To See

Nobody Wants To See

Nobody wants to see
The woman on the tube
Painfully thin in an over-sized
Sweater and short skirt
That shows off the black bruises
On her bare legs.

If only they saw that her pasty
White face reflected her inner
Anguish and the way she huddled
In her seat, eyes looking every where
But at the people around her.

Nobody wants to see
Beyond the rose tinted glasses
Perched at the end of their noses
The glasses that say every things ok
Life’s great. If only they would remove
Them for a second or two and chance
Making a difference.


S.E.Ingraham said...

nobody wants to see - how true - "her pasty white face reflected her inner anguish" - good imagery - fine poem - got drawn back here by today's poem actually, the one about fragments, also excellent, well done.

Katy Bennett said...

Thanks for taking the time to drop by.