Sunday, 11 September 2011

ROW80 - Round 3 - Check in 11

Going to restate my goals here as I've still been slacking since getting back from holiday. Internet's still being tempermental, went down on me while I was updating the learning blog for my course and it's pretty much thrown 750 words out the window.

1) Keep up with studies
2) Read fiction/ poetry most days of the week
3) 5 minutes of pranayama at least 5 times a week
4) Write, rewrite and analyse one new poem a week (scheduled for Wednesday nights.)
5) Read one fiction writing related article at least once a week.
6) Continue with prep work for the 2nd draft of a novel.

Goal 1 - I did get all my coursework together and read some more of Ruth Padel's 52 ways of looking at a poem. I 've decided to go for a full BA in Creative Writing now and my assessment won't be til July, with 2 assignments still to go and the way I fall off wagons I think aiming for the March assessment will be cutting it fine. 
Goal 2 - Did read a chunk of Scott Nicholson's creative Spirit on Saturday while I had the dog glued to my lap for a couple of hours. 

Goal 3 - Every day for 4 days and added in a couple of yoga postures. Will add on more yoga once I've got used to the current exercises.

Goals 4 and 5, nothing on those

Goal 6 - I haven't even looked at the novel. I've switched the desktop computer over to my weak strength 3G network so if I get caught up on internet stuff today, I'll try and plug out the novel's timeline this evening and maybe do 750 words assuming the 3G isn't tediously slow.

For anyone else interested in doing a creative writing BA in home study, I'm studying with the Open College of the Arts

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Anonymous said...

Nicely done on the goals. I hope that the 3G solution works for you.

Have a great week, Katy :)

Nadja Notariani said...

Internet trouble...makes me want to kick my computer. Maybe even drop-kick it...(although I'd be more likely to hurt myself than to do any real damage...other than what would certainly NOT be covered by the extended warranty I purchased) Yeah, if that's the kind of internet troubles you're talking about, I feel your pain.
But still, you've been hitting your goals! Good luck with your schooling. And congrats on choosing your degree goal. I had seen in a previous check-in that you were considering. ~ Nadja or said...

Whew, you have a nice list of goals. Holidays, vacations always take a little time. I've noticed that I'm more prone to put stuff off for awhile after a trip, lets face it, I need to relax.
Good luck hitting each of your goals this week.

alberta ross said...

well done on going for the degree I had a quick look at the course sounds really good - all the best on that. well done on goals reached.

My computer is dancing all over the place typing wise and I can't get image rich sites to load without the whole machine feezing- driving me demented so I feel for you.

all the best for coming week

Katy Bennett said...

Nadja, I have threatened the wi-fi box with a trip through an open window on a few occasions. Yes, a degree feels like the right move.

Thanks Doree, any change in routine can throw me off course for awhile.

Alberta, I feel for you too , it is frustrating.

Gene - thanks, the 3G has been pretty good so far.