Monday, 25 July 2011

Last Monday Poetry - Love Poem to the Sea

Love Poem to the Sea
by Katy Bennett

I am here
in this sprawling
concrete asylum
while you are there
a vastness beneath the sky
an endless body of calm and inspiration.

I envy the seagulls that circle above you
free and alive every day
while I fight
through the hordes day in
and day out. Growing
weary of the rat race
and the chains.

I’ll see you again soon, my love.

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occhio sulle espressioni said...

A hymn to liberty and unspoiled nature, beautiful, does "breathe".

Humberto Dib said...

Hi, Katy, I just popped in to say hello, great blog, congratulations!
I'll follow you.
You can visit mine if you feel like.
Cheers from Argentina!

Katy Bennett said...

occhio, thank you :D

Humberto, thanks for dropping by

Keith said...

every poem I write is somehow a love poem to the sea ... here are a few lines from Kipling (who I never really thought of as a poet until I kicked around his work more) that sums it up ...

No man is ever wholly free his first love
no matter who she be.
Oh, was there ever a sailor free to choose
who didn't settle near the sea.

Katy Bennett said...

Hey Keith, thanks for dropping in. I haven't read much Kipling but those lines are very apt.