Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Back from hols and gearing up for the row80 rewrite

My recent short break to the coast has refocused my mind back on writing. I love being by the sea nothing else can realign the soul. I arrived at the hotel on Sunday, checking in to torrential winds and rain, a coastal walk was attempted when there was a break in the rain but the wind was blowing at over 20mph and made walking difficult.

On Monday, the rain had stopped for most of the day but the coastal winds were still strong so the day was spent shopping and grabbing lunch. Later, back in the hotel room I saw something peculiar. Sitting on the bed looking out onto the balcony, a metal partition with lots of holes in separated our balcony from the next doors balcony. A shadow cast itself onto the partition that had me questioning my eyes and feeling like I was falling through the twilight zone. At first it appeared to be the shadow of a man but when it moved its arms looked like wings, hands looked like talons, it had a beak. It morphed into this half man half bird creature that Lovecraft would've been proud of.

On Tuesday, I woke up to a glorious day and followed the cliff walk all the way into the next village stopping at the cafe at the half way point. From there it was back to Brighton followed by another mammoth walk to visit an old manor house which could well become the location of a future story, it has a long family history and supposedly haunted.

Brighton is also the location for my novel in progress and now my memory has been refreshed I'm jumping back into ROW80. My immediate goal is to write up detailed sheets of all the various locations in Shroud Of Death so I can begin developing the 2nd draft. I'm hoping to begin this on Sunday once my current assignment is handed in.

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jamilajamison said...

I love how going on holiday can jumpstart the imagination! Glad to hear that your trip has helped to refresh your memory. :)

Katy Bennett said...

Thanks Jamilajamison. Holidays are always good for reenergising the brain