Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Stitched Up on Tuesdays

Oh wow, I've been gone for ages. Before I introduce a new feature I'll bring you up to speed, went on holiday to Norfolk recently, lovely weather, lovely coastline and whilst there I received the happy news that I'd passed my poetry module. So, I'm still studying and halfway through my second module.

I'm sure someone's hit the fast forward button on time.

As writing has been designated as serious I needed a new hobby and while away in Norfolk I decided to make my own bookmarks using a cross stitch kit by textile heritage. The lack of internet access meant there were a few cock ups as I had no access to reference sites or hints and tips but it came out ok.

I started a new kit depicting 2 deck chairs on a beach and it is slow going, loads of colour changes and all the detail on the design is brought out by back stitch so I felt like I was getting no where for ages but thankfully there are no fractionals or french knots. I took a photo and then took another photo a week later for a visual chart of progress (if only writing were so easy to track):

Last Tuesday night
Tonights progress

My stitching tip for today:

Pincushions are essential for not losing needles every time you need to put one down.

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