Sunday, 1 January 2012

Website Updates and Blog Updates

The following have been updated at the website:

Dark Metre issue 12 is now live.
Horror poets updated.
Writing prompts updated.

Recent blog posts you may have missed:
Book Review - Write Good or Die edited by Scott Nicholson.
My Top 5 Favourite Horror Books of 2011.
Merry Christmas

I've also added my Goodreads reading challenge widget to the right hand side of the blog.

Happy New Year


Anonymous said...

So are you focusing more on reading and poetry this quarter/year? You'll be missed over at ROW :)

Katy Bennett said...

I don't think I'll be able to keep up with the blogs and checkins. Want to start subbing poetry regular and get back on top of studying. Mid november my brain shut down because I was trying to do too much.

Deborah Walker said...

I'm having a massive poetry subbing fest today. Also must write some more.

Have you got a target, Katy? I'm hoping to get my race score to 30 (that's 30 venues, not 30 poems). That means keeping my submissions at that level. It's ambitious. I'm currently at 13. But some of the subs look dead.

Katy Bennett said...

I'm aiming for at least 100 rejection letters by the end of the year.

In theory with most venues accepting subs of 3 poems it shouldn't be too difficult plus it'll stop me getting deterred and shelving my work prematurely and will get me in the habit of keeping on top of rewriting.

Time to get serious for me.

is that subbing to 30 venues or published at 30 venues?

Deborah Walker said...

It's venues not poems, Katy. It's a trick I do for my short stories. I'm hoping to get more poems out this year.

Give yourself a point for each sub (each venue) you make.

Once you get a response you have to take it off the list and lose a point.

When you re-sub to another venue you get the point back.

I'm hoping to get my score up to 30 and to maintain it through the year.

A bit scary! You need a bit of inventory to get going. Remember that I write full time, though.

After some furious subbing and writing I've upped my score to 18 points (venues).

Katy Bennett said...

So you'll (eventually) have subs with 30 venues at any one time? Seems like a good plan.

keith said...

Nice to find your Blog ...

plenty of horror movie blogs around, but never seem to find many horror writing, horror book review, type sites.

Katy Bennett said...

hey Keith thanks for dropping by there's also dreadful tales and that review horror fiction.