Sunday, 17 October 2010

Poetry - The House

The House

It watches me from its hilltop,
Through the night sky I feel
the House's sorrow, its abandonment
and its neglect.

I gaze up at the abode,
once fit for a King, now only vermin
live behind its filthy brickwork.

A shadow glides behind a second floor window
and on the wind a soft singing is carried to my ears.
The Sombre melody stirs my emotions
like the grass stirring in the breeze.

I watch the shadow move past other windows
into other rooms. There is an elegance
about this being that shouldn't exist.
I turn my back on the house
like so many others before me.


paige said...

wow this is great... we should hang out girrrrrrrrl!!!


Seek The Sun said...

Beautiful poem! It gave me a subtle creep up my spine.

Katy Bennett said...

Thanks Seek The Sun